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Please tick which course you would like to study and the mode of delivery.

2. Name/Contact Details
3. Application Fee

This course requires a £35 application fee. You can pay online via our website, by bank transfer (details available on request), or by cheque made payable to Birmingham Christian College.

4. Accommodation

The college has a limited amount of accommodation and gives priority to first year students. We accommodate others as availability allows. Please indicate your accommodation needs if any.

5.Physical Disability / Learning Difficulty / Health

Do you have any physical disability, learning difficulty or health problem that might affect your studies or residential needs? If so, please give details:

6. Emergency Contact
7. Academic Qualifications

Please list details below (most recent first) of qualifications you have gained. If you have not yet gained the award, please state in the Date of award column ’pending’ (add additional rows if necessary).

Name of institution and address Dates of attendance (From – To) Qualification, subject name and awarding body Date of award
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8. English Language Ability

For students whose first language is not English:

Please tick as appropriate:

9. Visa
10. Employment / Professional Experience
Name & address of employer Dates (From & To) Position Held Experience Gained
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11. Other Relevant Experience

This section does not presuppose any preferred answers, and is purely to enable the college to advise on the best way to benefit from the course.

12. Referees

Please give us the names and addresses of TWO people to whom we may write (remember to ask them first). One should be your church pastor/leader, the other should be able to comment on your personal and vocational development and/or on your academic ability.

Referee 1
Referee 2
13. Criminal Convictions

BCC has a duty to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff. Please tick the relevant box below:

Do you have any criminal convictions?
14. Finance

Please remember that all applicants, including those from the UK and EU will be required to pay each semester's fees by the end of the first week of each semester. Overseas applicants requiring a study visa will be required to pay their fees in full before an offer letter can be issued.

15. Declaration

I confirm that the information given on this form is true, complete and accurate and that I have not withheld any information relevant to my application. I understand that in accordance with the Data Protection Act my information will be held electronically. I give my consent to the processing and storing of my data by Birmingham Christian College as detailed within the Student Privacy Notice. I understand that any offer of a place as a student received will be based on the information given in this application and that if I am found to have supplied false information, any such offer will be withdrawn.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Information

Information on ethnicity and/or disability will not be used in reaching a decision on the outcome of your application.

Ethnic origin (please tick one box only)

Disabilities (tick all that apply)

Disabilities (tick all that apply)

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Finding out about Birmingham Christian College

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