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BCC is offering three online short courses starting this November 2020. 

We are aware that in the present busy climate, being able to offer short courses enables Christians to have access to excellent study whilst still actively involved in the workplace and church. These short courses are designed for busy Christians and provides the flexibility and comfort of studying mostly from home and online

Available Courses

First Steps to Christian Counselling

Christian Apologetics

How to study and communicate the Bible


Short courses at BCC are taught in smaller blocks and usually within 60-90min sessions. These sessions are usually in the evenings or weekends. Course structure and timetable for each specific course is detailed online before the start of the course and given to students at the start of each course.

Entry Requirements

No previous training or experience required. However, potential candidates must possess a level of literacy and numeracy sufficient for the programme concerned and be aware of the time and other resources required for the course.

Applicants need to know that for some of the courses such as “counselling related courses” may not be suitable for those who are currently in a state of severe emotional difficulty and/or severe psychological confusion.


BCC is committed to training current and next generation leaders, believers and people who are generally seeking to develop their understanding, grow and equip themselves in the various areas of life: leadership, ministry, biblical studies and theology. Our aim is to equip people to make a real positive impact in their communities and churches.